No Time? No Money? No Problem! How You Can Get bonner general health With a Zero-Dollar Budget

The truth is, as a busy-body I’m not a big fan of the doctor’s office. For me, the doctor’s office is always a great place to just sit down with a cup of tea, discuss health issues or general concerns, and then get my ass kicked. The office doesn’t seem to exist for me.

The problem is, there are two different classes of doctors, general practitioners (GPs) and specialist doctors. GPs are generalists, meaning they treat a wide range of medical problems. So if your primary care doctor is treating you for common ailments like colds and flu, a specialist doctor can take a look at it. The specialist doctor, however, is not necessarily a generalist.

So if you get pneumonia, a GPs will probably get you on antibiotics but a specialist doctor will probably do it without that. The second class of doctor is what we call generalists. They are specialists in a specific medical problem, and they treat it like a generalist would.

You might be surprised to know that one of the generalist diseases is cancer. We recently looked at the generalist disease category for our report. Cancer is a generalist disease, meaning the disease affects a broad range of people, but it’s the specialists that are best. So on your doctor’s list of conditions, you’ll find several that would be on the cancer list.

The generalist doctor is a specialist in only one of the doctor’s conditions. A generalist doctor is one who treats all of the doctor’s conditions. That’s one of the reasons why breast cancer is such a big deal in the US. It’s because on certain lists there are more breast cancer specialists than there are doctors.

Thats also why the generalist doctor is the one most likely to recommend surgery to someone, especially someone with a really small tumor. Breast cancer is so incredibly invasive that you can’t just cut it out yourself and send it to the lab for analysis. You have to operate, which is why there are so many specialists who specialize in surgery.

Breast cancer is still so incredibly invasive so your doctor cannot just take the tumor out. It has to be removed surgically, which means it has to be done with surgery. And surgery is expensive, especially if you have to have a lumpectomy, which is a very small incision in the breast. This is something that can easily double your bill, especially if your insurance doesn’t cover it.

The good news is that you can get breast cancer surgery done at a minimally invasive (read: non-surgical) fashion. In the video above, we see an MRI in the lab, and then we see the surgeon’s hands as she removes a breast. This is a minimally invasive surgery, so it’s not as painful as a lumpectomy, and you dont have to spend hundreds of dollars on anesthesia. However, the surgery itself is still a big chunk of your bill.

Breast cancer surgery costs about $15,000, of which the cost of the anesthesia is probably $4,000, and the cost of the operation is about $8,000. By cutting down on your bills, you save yourself some serious money and you may not even have to have surgery in the first place.



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