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I’ve been browsing craigslist lately and just today I found a new job! I’m so excited, and I can’t wait to go there.

Ive had the same thing happen to me about I’ve been a member there for a few years now and have a couple of websites, but I’m still getting a ton of offers and I’m just overwhelmed. However, I recently came across’s new “Get a Gig” page. Basically, it is a way for craigslist.

Get a Gig lists a variety of jobs for you to apply for from the more than 2000 jobs currently listed on the site. You can read more about the site and how it works on our Get a Job page.

I know you’re probably thinking that there’s a way to use craigslist.coms new list of jobs to drive traffic to your website or blog. But there is just no way to do that. You have to go through the craigslist.Get a Gig page and find the jobs you want and then go to the jobs page on and apply. Sure, you’re getting traffic from craigslist.

But the reason craigslist.coms job page on works is because it sends you directly to the jobs page on, not craigslist.get.

Yeah, why would you need to go through to find the jobs you want? Theres a craigslist.Get page on Why would you need a craigslist.get page on Thats the answer to that. Youre not going to get a craigslist.get page on Youre going to have to go through craigslist.get. Not the craigslist.Get.

I think you would have to go through craigslist.get. to find the jobs you want if you were trying to find a job on In fact, craigslist.get is the same as craigslist.coms job page.

You could probably find the jobs you want on craigslist.get too. I had a craigslist.get job posted to me that I was too lazy to post to my own site. I figured what the hell. I just put it in there just to get some traffic.

So when you search for craigslist jobs, you want to be sure you’re looking for something that actually exists. If you find a job on craigslist and you’re not sure if you’re a good fit then you’ll be better off looking for a job on

A is a page. It is similar to in that jobs are posted on a page that is dedicated to the job you want. If you find a job on and know that you want it, you can click on the link to go to that job page.



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