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We live in a time when it seems like there’s always something new and exciting on the horizon, so it’s no surprise that the dollar store has popped up in our neighborhood. I find it to be a must-go-to place for snacks, so this week we’re highlighting some of the best.

Dollar General has a few different branches in the metro area, including one that’s been around for a long time. Today we’re going to focus on the east side of the city, which is also the place I went to get a coffee and something to eat.

The Dollar General in the east side is one of the best around. I found it to be a bit weird at first, but I found it to be very friendly and very helpful. They have everything you’ll need for a fun afternoon of shopping. If you don’t run into any problems, I’d recommend you go there for a quick snack and some great coffee.

Another Dollar General I found to be a bit weird was the one in town. In the area in which I went to get my coffee and something to eat, the Dollar General had a kiosk, but it was out of business. When I told them that, they thought I was crazy and said they would get me a new one. Well, I ended up staying there for a couple hours and I ended up getting a new Dollar General. I found it very friendly and helpful.

I have to say I was a little bummed to leave Dollar General after their service was more and more rude.

In the end, I don’t think Dollar General is a bad place, but if any of their staff were to start acting like they had the authority to make my coffee and something to eat, I would find it very upsetting. Dollar General is a large, modern, well-run grocery chain with an easy-to-navigate store. If they started ignoring any of their employees who were rude and made me feel like I had to stay for a while, I would find it very frustrating.

The same thing goes for Dollar General, except that I would be very upset if that was all they did. They have a nice store, and I can certainly appreciate them not being a dick to me.

So when I hear that Dollar General is opening its biggest store ever in, say, my hometown of Jackson, MS, I get a little frustrated and angry. No thanks to the fact that the store is in a strip mall with a lot of big box stores. That is, until I heard that this new store would actually be a bigger one and would be in the middle of a big open space with a shopping mall-like feel to it. And that it would be a Dollar General store.

I hate Dollar General, which is why I love this video. The store looks like it’s going to be the best thing to hit the strip mall-esque area in Jackson since Dollar General was opened up there. It’s going to be like a grocery store in a city with a shopping mall feel, with tons of stores and a big food court.

As it turns out, the Jackson mall is actually the first of three big ones that have been put together. The other two are in Las Vegas and Tampa Bay. And they have their own malls.



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