12 Reasons You Shouldn’t Invest in el general songs

El general is a band hailing from Mexico City. They are a four-piece band that features a lead singer, a guitarist, and two percussionists. Their music is as much a part of their culture as the Mexican food they are so passionate about.

el general is a band that has a very unique style and sound. While many Mexican bands are more of a “melodic rock” kind of thing, el general have one of the most unique songs on their album’s sound and feel. While it’s not hard to find a video of the song, you’ll find it if you’re more of a music fan, because it’s also one of the albums that features a song called “Molera.

You can find the song on El General’s official website. The video itself shows you how to play it just like the band does it.

I love watching videos of the band, especially when my wife and I would hear them play live, but I have also found that they are a bit too much of a lot more than they should be. They never really have any real “core” songs, and while the songs don’t get too annoying, they seem to have a lot of filler on them, especially in the second half of the album.

I think that a band should be able to write all the songs they want, but at the same time, they should be able to be more than just one song for the entire album. Some of the songs on this album are just too long and have too many beats in them, and I feel like they could have really worked with a simpler song structure.

The first album on the band’s new label, Redeye Records, is a bit shorter, with only three songs. This one has a few longer songs, but its still a lot shorter that the others. I do think that the first album is the best album by the band.

On an album by a band that plays everything, it’s the length of the songs that really drive me nuts. As a songwriter myself, I always feel like I can go over the top with my songs on an album, but I also get the distinct feeling that I should be able to keep it under control.

I always think it sounds better when the band is on a higher note than when they’re not. The band’s new album, “The General Songs” is that for me. On the album, the songs are longer by far, and I like how the band is doing a bit of songwriting as well. The songs have a lot more melodies and harmonies, and I do think that gives it a very nice, very different feel.

I’m not a big fan of songwriting, but I can’t deny the fact that the album has a very nice, very different feel to it. It reminds me of a kind of jazz, with the songs being longer and longer, and not just any song, but a song that is very catchy. It’s not just a song like “I Want You Back,” which is just a song.

They have a lot of melodies to their songs, which they are very good at. Sometimes their melodies don’t fit into a specific song, and I think that’s part of the charm of their music. The same could be said for the general songs. They are all very catchy, very melodic, and very well written. The biggest problem I had with them is that not all of their songs work together in the same way.



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