Essay Writing Skills and How to Improve them

Essay Writing Skills and How to Improve them

We can find essay writing in the syllabus of every grade, course, and examination, competitive or not. Students can frame their logical answers when they have good essay writing skills or even complete research papers, literature reviews, and much more in higher education classes when they are good with essay writing techniques. 

Every student learns and practices letter writing at a very young age beginning in primary school. They begin with simple topics moving on to complicated arrangements and types. We have the following categories of essay writing;

  • Descriptive 
  • Narrative
  • Argumentative
  • Analytical
  • Literary
  • Expository

These are the basic categories of an essay. To write a good essay, students need more than the basic idea of how to frame the introduction, body, and conclusion. Let’s look at the essential list of tips to help students write good essays for normal classes, as well as long answers.

How to write good essays?

Students don’t develop good essay-writing skills overnight. It comes with multiple years of practice and guidance. During the pandemic, LMS portals were the only guidance students had, and it was quite difficult for them to cope and cooperate with a learning management system. If you feel you lag and need some extra tips to improve your writing skills, follow these;

Improving essay writing abilities

Read and comprehend

Students cannot write good essays without first learning to read and write in the target language. This is the base skill that every individual needs to have to understand situations and what is asked for in the question to logically frame an essay that meets the purpose of writing it. 

For the same topic, students write unique things. How they frame it, the grammatical accuracy and the creative points made in it determine its scoring. Without reading the topic carefully and trying to bring a relevant direction of ideas yet with a unique perspective it is impossible to score well. Students are advised to avoid using complicated words. Being rude vocabulary is not enough, and it must make sense.

Maintain the word count

The word count is important. Teachers have multiple assignments, papers, test sheets, and homework to check. A lengthy essay will only make their job difficult. Moreover, students tend to make more mistakes when they go over the given word count. They make more grammatical mistakes, and lengthy sentences, and lose the compactness and correctness of the points made.

Prepare outline

The outline is simple- introduction, body, and conclusion. How many points they must mention, which point progresses to some other conclusion, etc. is also a part of the essay outline. Without planning, students mess up the points and arrange them haphazardly while writing the essay. With a premade outline, we can quickly and accurately write lengthy essays even with time constraints. 

Include Stats and thoughts

Teachers might not recheck stats and facts included in an essay unless it is analytical or a literary review of some other research paper. However, students should always try to include some factual points to show that not only emotions but also some form of research have gone into writing the essay. It portrays effort, dedication and capability to comprehend statistics and data for its applications.

Proofread twice

It is recommended to proofread at least twice because at the first glance students focus more on how well they find the readability. On the second read, however, they might find out some mistakes that were overlooked earlier in the excitement of finally completing the assignment and doing revision. An Learning management system might be used to save essay drafts without students worrying about losing their assignments. It also comes with great features and editing tools 


Writing an essay might seem like an easy task at first but as students run out of ideas and innovative phrases to use, they realize how difficult it is to constantly come up with relevant yet interesting ideas that the readers would like. Although most of us do it to score better, essay writing benefits the individual nature of a student by adding to their soft skills. First, it helps them score well in primary and middle school. Later in high school and college, they can analytically summarize the topics and write good answers with these skills.  

Later, when students successfully establish themselves in their career lines, with their top-notch essay writing ability, they can comprehend situations, make the right decisions, and remain a solved person throughout personal circumstances too.



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