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We’ve all been there. You grab your phone, tablet, or laptop and start fiddling with things. Maybe you’re checking your email or going down to the kitchen to grab lunch, maybe you’re scrolling through Instagram or looking at your favorite songs. Whatever it is, you’re busy doing something and then it happens.

For most of us, we usually don’t pay attention to the things we’re doing. We ignore them because we don’t want to get distracted. But this isn’t always the case. When we are busy we can quickly slip into autopilot mode. The way our brains work is that when we’re in busy mode, we don’t pay much attention to the things we’re doing. This is very normal.

Well, when we are busy, we tend to lose track of what we were doing. But, thats not a bad thing. When you are busy, you tend to be very aware of what you are doing, and you can usually think about what you were doing for quite a while. This is because we are not distracted. We are fully focused. This is why we are able to do so many things at once.

The problem is when we are on autopilot, we tend to forget we are on autopilot. We think about everything we were thinking about when we were not even paying attention to it. We think of our friends, family, work, and most importantly, ourselves. So we forget. We get distracted constantly. We are not fully aware of what we are doing. We are busy. So, the fact that we are not fully aware of what we are doing is our downfall.

The word “autopilot” comes from the idea of being in control of your actions. But it can also mean “completely unaware”. As if you are not even paying attention to what you are doing. This is how you have to have it understood that we are not fully aware of what we are doing. And when the time comes when we don’t have a choice about our habits, routines, impulses, and reactions, we are left to our own devices.

When we are not paying attention, we are on autopilot which leads us to the whole problem of the death loop. We have to be on autopilot, to be in control. But we are not in control. We are not aware of what we are doing.

The problem with the death loop is that if you don’t pay attention to what you are doing, it can lead to a fatal loop. In the old days of video gaming, the death loop was the result of players not paying attention to what they were doing. I can remember playing a game like Duke Nukem 3D’s “Hard Corps” where you would always get the option to “play it again” after you killed an enemy.

In Deathloop, you will always have the option to play it again, unless you are killed by an enemy or yourself. After playing the game, you will know the fate of every enemy you have killed. The game even remembers what is on your face. After playing Deathloop you will know exactly what to do to kill every enemy you have killed. The game itself has a high level of meta-cognition, but the player’s behavior is still completely controlled.

That’s still not all Deathloop has to offer, but it does have a few surprises. Among the more interesting features is a way to make your screen go black and then black again, a feature that lets you play Deathloop in a loop. It’s also able to change the color of your screen from black to white, but other than this it’s the same.

Deathloop is definitely the more interactive of the two Deathloop gameplay modes, and it has a few more interesting features. However, the fact that its able to change colour and black and white, the fact that its a time-looping game, and that it can’t play in a loop without playing again, really leaves a bad taste in the mouth.



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