general hospital 6/9/21 Poll of the Day

The following is an original story written by a student for her class on general hospital. It is written for the student who takes the class to illustrate how to be a good doctor.

The general hospital is a medical school and hospital that is very similar to the one that we see in the film. The students work in emergency rooms and then eventually end up working in the operating room. The characters that we meet in the story are the doctors and nurses that help people in the hospital.

We meet a lot of characters in general hospital. We meet a young intern named Alex, Dr. John, and Dr. Alex, who is a very nice guy. We meet some of the surgical residents that help Alex with his work, Dr. John is a nice doctor, and Dr. Alex is a very good doctor.

The story is very familiar, but it’s just so well done. It was very important to the filmmakers that they gave Alex, the intern, some personality. He’s a very polite nurse. But, he’s very shy. He’s a very self-conscious young man. His doctor mom is a very nice and smart lady. He knows how the medical process works, but he doesn’t have any sort of medical background. I like that he doesn’t know how the operating room works.

Alex is a nice guy. He knows his work and he knows how to do it. He is a hard worker, and he knows how to treat his patients. I do like that he knows what a “cold” is. His boss is a very nice gentleman. He is very intelligent, but hes a bit immature and a bit too self-conscious for his own good.

This is not the first time we’ve seen a young doctor get fired, but this is the first time we’ve seen one get arrested for something he didn’t do. If you were to ask Alex if he was a good doctor, I bet you’d get a very different answer.

Alex works in the general hospital at the end of our story. He is the young doctor who gets fired for refusing to do his new boss’s dirty job. This is a reference to the fact that the boss has an actual job and a real paycheck, and Alex is just a patient who needs a lot of care. Alex is a bit too self-conscious about his job to want to do it right, but he does like the idea of doing what it says on the front of his uniform.

It’s a very subtle reference to a scene in the general hospital where Alex is seen with a patient who is dying in the back, and he’s trying to get a wheelchair out of the room. In this scene, he is trying to talk the patient out of killing himself out of boredom.

Alex really wants to get on the phone to his boss and tell him that he’s fired, but instead he plays a game of “What is a hospital without a phone call?” He wants to call the hospital to tell them about their problem but he can’t find the number. It’s just a really funny scene.

I really love the scene. I love how a patient who is dying is trying to talk Alex out of death. I love how hes trying to talk with his boss but he cant get ahold of the hospital. I love how the hospital is without a phone call. I love how Alex tries to make a phone call but hes told to not call anyone if he wants to talk to someone. I love the way he talks to his boss.



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