general tso pronounced

The word tso derives from a Chinese language word that means “to turn or move forward.” This is an apt description of how we turn to find the next thing on our to-do list, or to move forward in our lives.

The word “tso” is actually a Japanese word that means “to do.” It’s also a synonym for the verb “to move.” So if you move forward, you’re moving forward with a tso on your back.

This is a great word for people who are not familiar with either language to learn, especially the Chinese. In fact, you can use tso a lot in the way of a verb to mean “go forward.” The word tso is actually a verb and means to do more than just turn or move, you have to move yourself forward.

In addition to the aforementioned tso, you can use tso to mean move forward, move forward with a tso on your back, or go forward with a tso on your back. There’s a lot of common usage for tso, because its the verb to move that seems to have most of the usages.

Tso, with the tso, is also a verb that means to do more than move. It’s also the word used to describe a person who moves forward with an attitude of aggression, a person who carries themselves with a certain attitude, or an aggressive person. We’ve seen this word used to describe people who have a very strong, aggressive style of thinking.

The word tso is one more of those words that seems to have a lot of usages, but is actually used in a lot of different ways. Its most common usage is to describe a person who does something more difficult than others would, or who is more powerful or aggressive than others. Its also used to describe someone who carries themselves with a certain attitude.

For a lot of American people the word tso is used to describe a person who is aggressive and does something challenging. For example, tso is used to describe a person who has a great attitude, is always positive, and will show you the door. People who use the word tso to describe themselves are usually people that don’t really want to get into the discussion in general, and are more interested in just getting on with things.

The term tso is usually used to describe a person who is in a positive, upbeat frame of mind. For example, a tso in the office is someone who will cheer everyone on and make everyone happy. A tso on a day out is someone who is positive and upbeat in their day-to-day activities.

tso was originally meant to be a short-hand for the very positive. But as with so many words that have come into usage over time, it has fallen into the negative camp. There are many who use the word in a negative sense, but these people often have no idea where the positive and negative ends.

The most commonly heard usage of tso is when someone is happy and positive in their day to day activities. But that’s pretty obvious when you see a person in a tso day out. Just like a tso in the office, that person is constantly positive and upbeat, but they’re not necessarily always happy.



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