ricky martin on general hospital

My favorite show on tv is general hospital. I watch all of the seasons and love the characters and the story lines. I love the humor and the strong emotion that is in the show. I am a big fan of Dr. Michael Shannon. I feel like he is very genuine and his character is so well developed that I feel like I know him.

I love the show too and I’m a fan of Dr. Michael Shannon. It is great to see a show with so many strong female characters. I like Dr. Shannon and he is an interesting character. I don’t know if I can say anything about him personally but I have seen him in a number of episodes and I feel like he is very genuine.

I think Dr. Shannon is one of a kind. I don’t think you can find a more authentic “Dr.” in television, and he’s one of the best. His character reminds me of John Belushi’s character in the original “Rent”. It’s a great example of a character that just seems to have no filter. I hope this isn’t a digression but I think that that’s what makes Dr. Shannon so interesting.

Yes, I think this is a digression, but I think this is the best thing ricky martin has done since his character was in the first season of General Hospital. I think the character has been around for a long time and has a wide variety of character traits, but what really stands out to me is what a great first impression this first episode gave.

First, I think any actor could use a good first impression. I had one on my last show that was terrible. There were some really unfortunate things that happened on the set that made the whole cast (including myself) really think that I was a terrible person. So it’s not that they’re wrong, but for the first episode ricky martin definitely got the first impression right.

We have two new doctors on the show, but that’s not really a problem for the show because the whole thing is set in an emergency room. And the emergency room is a place where you see so many of the things that happen in life on a daily basis that you just can’t help but be impressed by ricky martin’s new character, Dr. Smith. Not only does he look like a stereotypical doctor, but he’s also the voice of reason in the emergency room.

ricky martin is a surgeon. A surgeon that is very smart, but also very human. He also happens to be the voice of reason and advice in the emergency room. Its like the show says, “you cant have a doctor that is very smart but human,” which makes perfect sense.

The thing that makes Dr. Smith so compelling is that he is so smart, but human. In fact, he may be the smartest man in the hospital. He may also be the one who can most likely save the day. He just takes such an intelligent personality and makes it so he can be a great doctor, a great friend, and a great human being.

ricky martin is a bit of a character on general hospital, but he is more than that. He is the voice of reason in the hospital, but also the voice of advice to the rest of the team. He’s the guy who is always trying to be the best doctor, friend, and human being he can be, and not the best one. Sometimes, he just ends up being the best guy in the world, but not always.

He is the calm and collected person on the team, but also the voice of reason when he is in a difficult situation. He is the one who is always trying to explain things to the team, but also the guy who tries to keep their emotions in check.



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