So You’ve Bought what happened to trina on general hospital … Now What?

trina is a popular television actress, singer, dancer, and actress (played by trina jones) from general hospital.

Trina was originally a singer and actress that was in general hospital. She was in a relationship with the male lead, and they were together for 12 years. She and he had a son and a daughter. She was also in a relationship with the female lead, the son of general hospital’s resident doctor. He had a son and a daughter of his own. She and the doctor had a son and a daughter. She and the doctor had a son and a daughter.

As it turns out, Trina was actually killed at home when the son of a female resident doctor stabbed her mother. He died, and they buried him next to his own mother.

That’s the story that’s in the new season of General Hospital. It’s a great story with an interesting twist that I wanted to write about as the season ended. I really enjoy the show because of its strong female protagonist and great writing. I hope that if you like the show, you will take a listen to the season finale.

If you haven’t already, check it out.

This season was not the easiest for me to write about, since I just wanted to focus on the family members of the main character. I wish I had the time to tell more about the characters that I wanted to include, but I think it would have been too long.

I think I wrote more about the main character than I would have liked, because I wanted to include everything in the show, but I didn’t have the time to tell the story in a way that made it more fun than it had to be. I also feel like I should have focused on the family members more, because I felt like it could be a bit more of a spoiler for people who haven’t watched the show.

I think I should have included more of the characters, but I felt like they were more important as a plot element than they were as characters. I think that just because they are so important as characters, it doesn’t mean that they’re all that important as plot elements, or that they are interesting enough to make it worth telling the story. I wish I could have told the story more of the character stuff, but I think I just didn’t have the time.

I think Trina has been with the show since the season 1 finale, but she’s been absent for the past few weeks. She was, however, in one of the episodes in Season 2. She’s been with the show since the episode it was revealed she was pregnant with a baby that was given to her by another character.

Trina’s not been with the show, but shes been absent for the past few weeks. In the episode where she was pregnant, she was supposed to be taken away from the show right after the baby was born. She was supposedly given the go ahead to stay on as the main character, but that was revoked after she started on the show. She was seen with the show when she was pregnant and the baby was born.



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