who plays nathan’s mother on general hospital

Well, i can honestly say that my favorite time of the day is when i am relaxing at home or when i am watching a movie or tv show. I like to watch general hospital and nathan’s mother together but i also like to watch the original with liz.

There is a reason that general hospital is the first show on tv to start with the music. I think its because its a very relaxing show and the music helps to relax you a bit. For me, it is also a way to start my day.

I don’t think its just because of the music, I think it’s because of the characters. The main characters on general hospital are very similar to me. I mean, i can’t stand all the characters on general hospital. I hate everyone on it, but the main ones i dislike the most are: Ryan, Mike, Liz, and Nathan. I think they just seem so stupid and annoying.

It seems like we’re stuck in a loop of Ryan, Liz, and Mike, and we’re trying to figure out what our next move is. So Liz seems to be the most annoying, but she does have a point to that. She just wants to find out what happened to Nathan, and she’s trying to figure out why Ryan is on the island with Liz.

That is the problem with the show. It’s the characters that you have to learn to love and respect. For a show where the characters are supposed to be annoying, you can’t have any. There’s a good chance that you were not going to like the guy you just watched on TV, and then you have to learn to like him before you can like the show. That is the problem with general hospital.

One of the most surprising things about the show is how much of a huge emotional roller coaster it is. Throughout your time with the show, Ryan, Liz, Nathan, and their friends have to navigate the various emotions they’ve been living with for the past year. The show makes you wonder if you are a little bit different from them. They don’t seem to have the same experience, and that makes them seem less like real people and more like cartoon characters.

The show has been about two things in my opinion: the relationship between Ryan, Liz, Nathan, and each of the characters’ friends; and the relationship between Ryan, Liz, Nathan, and themselves. Weve always been a family, even when we were apart. And the fact that nathan is the only one who seems to be able to keep his emotions in check makes me happy that he has come out the other side the way that he did.

I think that I’ve watched one episode of general hospital in between all of the people I’ve met in my life. It was during the time when I was in the first grade, and we’d be doing something like hide and seek and it would be nathan’s mom who would come into the room and tell us there was a dead body in the corner.

I remember that episode because I was a kid, and the fact that the first time I watched it, I thought it was pretty cool. It had an “It’s not real and I’m in the closet” kind of feel to it. It was a very strange thing to be in a room and be told that you’re in the closet.

There was a time when I would always play hide and seek with my friends. Then, after about a week, I would be completely alone in my room. And then I would have to pretend I was hiding from someone that I didn’t really want to be hiding from. That just seemed silly, and I wanted to tell you about it.



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