Write for us: Know about luxurious lifestyle

For most people, living a luxurious lifestyle is about more than just money.

They desire an amazing home with a view, spa-like bathroom, designer clothes and access to the best vacations. 

Don’t allow yourself to believe that this lifestyle is out of reach or only achievable through inheriting it from your family because this is not the case! 

Here are six inexpensive ways to live the good life:

1. Build your wardrobe in high-end brands without breaking the bank by purchasing gently used favorites from luxury e-commerce websites.

2. Spend an hour or so on a Sunday creating a killer head shot for your profile.

3. Install the ultimate home gym and crank it up to 12 with space heaters or other heat sources to keep you warm on cold holiday getaways.

4. Have a mini vacation in your own backyard by hosting a pool party, grilling burgers and serving them poolside, or watching your favorite movie while lounging in the outdoor hot tub.

5. Take three weeks off of work every year to focus exclusively on your hobbies – whether that be writing, reading, hiking, playing piano or even cooking up some new recipes.

6. Book a six-week vacation in the U.S. or Europe and take it all in using only local transportation.

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