Document Management vs. Records Management

Document Management vs. Records Management

What is the difference between records and document management in a professional organization? What would your responsibilities be if you were hired to work for an organization that had both? Most people have doubts regarding this and feel that working with document management software is far better than working in an organization under records management. Also, some people need to know the exact difference between these two methods. So, go through the article and get a clear understanding.

Document Management vs. Records Management:

Document management and records management are two different processes. Document management focuses on the organization and storage of information, while records management deals with the preservation, organization, and retrieval of documents.

Record keeping is a critical part of business operations because it helps you keep track of what’s going on in your company—and what needs to be done for it to run smoothly. It can also help prevent problems down the road by ensuring that all relevant documents are available when they’re needed most (like during an audit).

Most Document Managers are Used to Handling Paper, While Records Managers are More Like Archivists, Responsible for Preserving Paperwork:

If your office needs a new system, it may be easiest to start with document management. The software can then be extended into the records management area by adding features like secure cloud storage or automated scanning and filing.

If Your Office Needs a New System, It May Be Easiest To Go with Something That Will Allow You To Manage Both Documents and Records:

Document management software (DMS) is a tool that helps businesses manage their data by organizing and retrieving information from various sources. DMSs can also store data in an organized fashion so that employees can find specific files quickly when needed. 

However, if you’re interested in using this type of software because it offers features like document scanning or document search capabilities, understand how they differ from record storage systems.

Know the Difference Between Document and Record Storage Before Deciding on Your Next System Purchase:

What is a Document Manager?

A document manager is a software application used to manage various documents. As with any information system, it’s essential to understand what each term means and how they relate to each other before deciding on your next system purchase.

To Help You Understand the Difference Between Documents and Records:

Today, many methods of storing information ensure there is always a means of retrieving that information. Each method has its strengths and weaknesses, but all such storage methods will require some security policy. Some organizations store everything with absolute precision on diskette or punched cards (some still do!). 

In contrast, others use only two digits to identify the type and level of security it has been assigned. Some systems may need to provide a way to change the level of protection given to a file within the system itself. Every user must have his password to access all files at that level, regardless of whether he needs that level! 

All users must have their account with their password; if an intruder in his system compromises one user’s account, anyone trying to access those files from another method will be told: “access denied.” Most systems use some combination of these approaches for storing data—either rigidly controlled and locked down for more accurate records management or loosely held where everyone has complete access. 


This post is a background source for your discussion regarding how document management differs from records management; it should be noted that only some organizations need perfect records management to suit their business needs. Think twice and make a wise decision.



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